Mar 27 2015

New and Improved!

Welcome to our new website!



We finally have our website up and running – just in time for Spring! We really want to thank everyone for their patience while we did a little self reflection and came up with a plan on how to get ourselves out in that “social media” world. We now have a website that we are proud of. It has tons of information and informative videos, and will be updated with more and more blog posts. From what is going on around the clinic to bigger news in the veterinary world. From tips, tricks and resources to increase your and your pet’s happiness to Friday Funnys – we hope that you will check in regularly to see what and how we are doing!




Spring is coming!


BravectoOur first blog post comes conveniently right at the end of March. Although deworming is important all year round (especially with young kids in the house), it becomes especially important along with tick/flea prevention in the summer months. Tick season is April to October, and spring is knocking at our doors. So long as we have seen you in the last year and your pet is healthy enough to receive them, we can prescribe dewormers and flea/tick prevention products for your pets. Most of these products come in tubules and are applied to the animal’s skin once monthly, however this year we have a new flea/tick product that is an oral chew and lasts for 12 weeks. Although there are MANY to chose from, for some examples you can check out Zoetis website to learn about the once monthly Revolution and Merck’s website about the 12 week Bravecto.

Last summer we saw an increase in the number of ticks at the clinic. Certain species of tick carry the bacteria (Borrelia type) that cause Lyme disease. Even though eastern Canada, Manitoba and some areas of British Columbia are the areas where risk of Lyme disease is higher, pets and humans in all of Canada are at risk for coming in contact with ticks that carry Lyme disease. Areas that were once considered low-risk are quickly becoming higher risk areas as the ticks establish local populations.

Tick prevention products work by either killing the ticks once they contact your pet’s skin, or once they bite your dog. Please feel free to call us for any more information, or to have a doctor prescribe your pet dewormers/tick prevention products.  

You can read more about ticks and Lyme disease on the Government of Canada’s Public Health Agency’s website here. It is targeted towards human health/medicine but can be generalized to pets.





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